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Buying and selling real estate requires more than a virtual open house – it requires an Actual Tour. Actual Tour is the experiential alternative to virtual open houses and 3D real estate tours in the Reno NV and Austin TX areas.

We help real estate buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers market properties with greater, speed and efficiency, all at a lower cost than traditional marketing. We position your real estate and assets on the internet using video and photo content that’s optimized to tell your property’s story. Every home has a story and it’s our job to help buyers and sellers tell that story. When you market with Actual Tour, you’re listing your home in the most positive and honest way possible.

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Every Actual Tour takes the inconvenience out of listing and hosting open houses. With an Actual Tour, there’s no need to keep things tidy or leave your home for hours at a time on a weekend. We start with a visit to your home where we film and complete the Actual Tour.

We then take photos and get to marketing your property on our website. As a buyer, seller or broker with Actual Tour, you now have the luxury of browsing properties from your couch. This allows you to check out each property’s characteristics and find exactly what you’re looking for.


Efficient & Effective
With Actual Tour, your entire open house experience is digital! Actual Tour nets you exponentially more exposure by leveraging the internet as a digital real estate marketplace.

The Virtual Open House Reinvented

We make home buying more efficient for all, saving you time and money.

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Every Actual Tour is an online open house that buyers, sellers, and brokers can watch from anywhere at any time. Typically, virtual tours are stale and misleading. Photographers and videographers often use wide angle lenses, soft filters, and unrealistic photoshop editing to distort or exaggerate certain features of a home. This leads to disappointment, hurting buyers and sellers alike.

Actual Tour markets homes in the Reno and Austin areas in the most compelling and honest way possible.

  • Selling your home requires more than hosting an open house for 3 hours on a Saturday
  • Reach more qualified buyers with an easily accessible Actual Tour
  • We give you exponentially more exposure than most
    Realtors could ever offer.
  • Your experience as a home buyer matters
  • Every Actual Tour gives you a sense of each property and its unique qualities
  • Browse our listings at your convenience
  • Find exactly what you’re looking for without leaving the couch
  • Improve your client relationship with Actual Tour
  • We help you cut costs and streamline efficiency for you and your clients
  • Help your home sellers attract interested buyers through quality video content
  • Help foster your clients’ interest and understanding of a property, all at their own leisure.
  • Actual Tour provides real estate tours optimized for investors and out-of-town buyers
  • We provide you with the information needed to make quick, informed decisions
  • View properties remotely
  • Understand what makes them unique before sending your Realtor to the home
  • If you’re selling your property yourself, we are your marketing solution
  • Commisions are high with realtors, our fees are low and one time only
  • Don’t venture your largest asset on the market with just a for-sale sign in your front yard
  • Step into the 21st century and market your home digitally through actual tour video content

Actual Tour -vs- The Competitors

There’s a significant difference between an Actual Tour and a Virtual Tour. Actual Tours are more than a digital open house.

Virtual Tour

  • Doesn’t give you an idea of the home’s floor plan
  • Virtual tours typically only cover content creation – no marketing
  • No voice-over or actors on screen to explain your property and its features
  • You may not own your content
  • Photos are often distorted and unclear
  • All virtual tours are unbranded

Actual Tour

  • We market your property from start to finish with our website and social media.
  • “Text-To” features for print ads are included as part of your marketing
  • Each Actual Tour package includes the Actual Tour, photos and drone footage (if applicable)
  • Each Actual Tour is filmed on-site with a camera/videographer and a professional actor
  • Our reality TV style content entertains and engages buyers
  • We take care of all post-production and editing
  • You own all of your content
  • We provide you and your realtor with branded and unbranded versions of your content

Matterport (3D scanning)

  • Very confusing!
  • The navigation to maneuver is not friendly
  • Typically very expensive
  • Shows floor plan only, and offers zero details of the home
  • A neat gimmick, but no clarity of unique features
  • Often excludes parts of a property
  • Does not engage on a personal level

“We Refer All Inquiries Regarding your Listing Right Back to You and Your Realtor!”

Featured Listing

2970 Bonfire Lane

Welcome to 2970 Bonfire Lane, a new home for sale in Reno. This home sits on a comfortable 2700 square feet. The kitchen features modern interiors such as an elongated marble countertop, walk-in oversized pantry, and over-the-cabinet accent lighting. The backyard is led off with a walk-on porch with a 5-burner Charbroil grill. The massive landscaped yard, combined with the wired outside patio, makes this house perfect for entertaining guests in the summer.

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Working with Actual Tour is fun and easy. We take the hassle out of the real estate buying and selling experience. Learn more about our pricing and services and see for yourself how this real estate marketing revolution works. Our professional crew is here to provide you with more information and interaction to market your home from start to finish.